by Paola Greggio


"So much work to publish a news story that after 24 hours is old and obsolete, has a short life."

Starting from this quote by the artist, his intention is immediately clear: to give a second life to daily newspapers, news and words. Transforming a consumer good into a single piece. In a work of art.  

Paola Greggio comes from the journalistic environment and has always been immersed in a world made of words printed in black on white, of which she herself perceives the fleetingness. Hence his desire to make them immortal, to transform them into real matter and to make them art. The meeting with the artist Silvia Dayan becomes fundamental and helps to give birth to a new point of view in her.

Plaster, newspapers and gauze for kneading, come together to create something unique and artistic, because words are the means to communicate the vital flows of thoughts and emotions of every day.

And this is how the rustle of the rough pages that one after the other are leafed through and the smell of the ink that dissolves in the air are transformed into ripples, chasms and a dance made of solids and voids that at times it reveals the content but at the same time highlights its limits.

The words are captured by the artist and carved on the canvas, giving life to rough places that the user is free to live without being conveyed in any way by its creator.  

"The canvas comes alive with material vibrations."

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